Three Hopes Fire Emblem Debateriors Review


Three Hopes specializes in versatility and makes itself easily accessible to almost all types of players. Although it undoubtedly has a learning curve with its complex and sophisticated mechanics, there is something for everyone here, even those who are not usually fans of role-playing games. This is due to the wide range of customization options that are available to you at the beginning of the game, allowing not only adjustments in difficulty, but also in game mode and game style. There are two different game modes: Casual and Classic. Casual chooses to revive the fallen units after each fight, while Classic improves the strategy by risking permanent losses. As for the playing styles, you can choose between slow and steady or fast and efficient. For those who are more interested in action than focusing on strategy and statistics, this would be fast and efficient for you, while slow and steady obviously appeals to the opposite type of player. If you change your mind later, all these options can be easily changed in the settings menu, so you don’t need to experiment to determine which type of game suits you best.

There are three basic Gameplay segments that you will encounter again and again while playing Three Hopes, including the real-time Hack-and-Slash Musou actions. While the main Fire Emblem series is based on a turn-based action system, the debateriors titles place you directly at the center of the action, plowing through hundreds of enemies at once to achieve the main and secondary mission objectives. Fights may seem repetitive at some point, but one way or another, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The attacks are so sophisticated and satisfying, and even though it often feels like pressing a button for Combos, it’s still a lot of silly fun. However, as mentioned earlier, you will have to use many other important mechanics if you play at a higher difficulty level. In addition to the most used simple regular and powerful attacks, there are also various special abilities and gauges that deal incredible damage when activated. Each playable character has different stats, abilities and classes that are stronger or weaker against different types of enemies. Depending on the units you use for each action, you can always switch between them to control them independently and give strategic orders to those who do not use them via the pause menu.

After each action in which you participate, you enter an area similar to a camp. This is where the plethora of RPG mechanics come into play and things can feel a bit overwhelming. Strengthening ties between units by participating in activities, buying items in stores, modifying and improving individual character classes, learning new skills and tactics, repairing and upgrading weapons, managing facilities – the possibilities for optimizing strategy and action are seemingly limitless. Those who are not familiar with the JRPG genre will get the impression that there are too many of them here, but the in-game tutorials help make everything relatively easy to understand. The camp also offers many opportunities to see characters interact with each other in deep and meaningful conversations. This is another method to strengthen your bond for the fight, and it’s great to see your unique dynamics and personality.

Divided into chapters, the plot of Three Hopes is told in the style of a visual novel, with the player sometimes being able to choose between several dialogue response options for the main playable character Shez. Most of the time it doesn’t really seem important that you choose, because the end result is mostly the same, but sometimes your choice affects the flow of the game as a whole. After the prologue of the game, you will be asked to join one of the three houses. the same as those of Fire Emblem: three houses: Black Eagle, Blue Lion and golden deer. Choosing a house will not only completely change the List of playable characters, but will also take you on a different story route that will take between 20 and 30 hours, depending on the pace. It’s honestly amazing the amount of content that this game contains without ever losing quality, and there is even a full voice acting with options for English and Japanese. Established Three Houses Fans will love this alternate reality adventure full of familiar faces and twists that will have you on the edge of your seat. However, newcomers don’t have to worry because playing three houses is not a prerequisite to enjoy the story, but it is highly recommended if you want to improve its impact and meaning. To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into details, but if you want to know a little more about what the story involves, You can check out our previously published preview.

On the technical side, Fire Emblem debateriors: Three Hopes really surprised me. It is one of the most beautiful Nintendo Switch exclusives to date and also offers exceptional performance. Despite being locked at 30 fps, the chaotic and overly stimulating gameplay is still extremely fluid and lively, which is a significant and much needed improvement over previous entries in the debateriors series. Notable frame rate drops were rare and never prevented immersion. What impressed me the most, however, were the loading times; for a game as massive and visually detailed as this one, I didn’t expect performance that I would normally only expect from a next-generation console. The textures can sometimes seem a little muddy, but the bright and colorful animated art style helps you ignore the most negative details.

Fire Emblem debateriors: Three Hopes is pure fan service in the best possible way. It’s a perfect mix of Hack-and-Slash debaterior-style action, traditional Fire Emblem JRPG elements and the established world of the three houses. Anyone who has enjoyed Three Houses will undoubtedly discover Three Hopes as a beautifully handwritten love letter from Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, and those who have not yet done so are bound to find a little joy here too. Graphically impressive, mechanically exciting and packed with content, Fire Emblem debateriors: Three Hopes is the best debateriors game yet, making it an easy recommendation for Switch owners. If you’re still not convinced, you might want to check out the free demo available now on the eShop before the game’s release on June 24, 2022.

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