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A food-themed aesthetic always excites me when it comes to video game levels. whether it’s Sweet sweet Canyon from Mario Kart 8 or the lunch kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey, it’s so appetizing to see oversized versions of your favorite delicious snacks. Considering that Kirby’s voracious appetite is one of his most remarkable character traits, it’s hard to believe that until now, it has been necessary for him to be placed at the center of a caloric world like this. Kirby’s dream buffet executes the style almost perfectly, with almost all the elements in the background and in the foreground delicious. Unfortunately, I have now realized that the greatest attraction of exploring food worlds is that there are few of them. Since Kirby’s dream buffet is so strongly rooted in the culinary concept, the variety of scenes seems somewhat limited, as each one mixes and is sometimes difficult to distinguish.

The main Grand Prix of Kirby’s Dream Buffet consists of two obstacle course-style races with a mini-game in between and a action Royale to finish, all experienced in quick succession. In all four rounds it is important to collect as many strawberries as possible, because the Kirby with the most at the end will be crowned the winner. Following in the footsteps of Mario Party and its bonus stars, bonus strawberries based on random performance tasks are also redebateded at the end of each Grand Prize, such as: B.: wasting most of your time hovering, most strawberries collected, most enemies defeated, etc. this way can be frustrating, especially if you had a steady lead, but I guess that could be considered part of the fun… in a masochistic way.

The controls are tight and fluid as you navigate the three-dimensional courses in the same way as the Super Monkey Ball series, although the movements feel much less limited and stationary. If you collect enough strawberries, your Kirby will grow steadily larger, which will lead to a gradual increase in movement speed, which is very beneficial in races. On the other hand, however, the taller you are, the less you can float, which negatively affects your ability to recover if you fall off the stage (or if you are pushed by force). Similar to the Mario Kart item boxes, collecting a “Copy Food box” gives you the use of a Power-Up that implements Kirby’s signature copying abilities in a particularly competitive way. With these mechanics, the Gameplay as a whole works, but let’s talk about logistics in terms of individual segments.

The races are at the heart of Kirby’s dream buffet and my favorite among the three modes. There are three strawberry mountains at the finish line, each containing 50, 20 and 10. Since the largest number of strawberries is the key to victory, you will want to jump, push and fight your way through a culinary obstacle course to get to the end first and collect as many scattered fruits as possible.along the way. There are also alternative shortcut paths that are more difficult to navigate, but with a high risk comes a high redebated because they shorten the time.
The mini-games are only 20 seconds long and have little substance. Basically, strawberries or boxes and the enemies that contain them constantly appear in a ring-sized arena, and you must first eliminate your opponents to grab them without power-Ups. There is not much Hardcore Action in the mini-games, but they are short, sweet and completely harmless.

action ROYALES are all-win games that are very competitive. Even if you performed poorly in the mini-game and its two races, you can still be an overall winner if you do well in the action Royale. This is a very intense, incredibly fast, one-minute brawl where you grab and use copy food power-Ups to push your opponents overboard and steal your strawberries. If you manage to get stung, and believe me, you definitely will, you will quickly reappear and jump into action again.
Online is where Kirby’s dream buffet really shines the most. As the Matchmaking starts to find three opponents from all over the world, there is a nice little Hub area where you can roll and jump to make the waiting easier. Of course, you can also create a Private Lobby for your friends, which is undoubtedly the best and most fun way to discover the game. Dealing with potential internet delays is the biggest problem with online games, as it can lead to frame rate problems if not everyone in the lobby has a stable enough connection.

With each completed Match, you will earn points to improve your Gastronomic Rank and get tons of cosmetic treats, including: new costumes, colors, music tracks, mini-game/fight levels and character treats that you can use to decorate a cake that is in the Hub world. Your exact number of wins is tracked, and you also have a skill level that fluctuates up and down every time you win or lose. Trying to increase your level and Rank to unlock everything in the game will certainly increase the replayability, but the Gameplay can become repetitive when playing alone online, without friendly banter with apps like Discord.

You can also play locally on a Nintendo Switch console, alone or with a partner. However, this has a major drawback, because for some reason the local game is limited to a maximum of 2 players, so You are still forced to play alongside the processors to reach the required 4-player threshold. At least the difficulty level of the processors can be changed between soft, Normal, sharp and extra-sharp, so there is a challenge if you want. The local mode also offers an exclusive Option to play a race, a mini-game or a action Royale separately, so you don’t have to play an entire Grand Prix if you’re short on time.

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