Atlas Fallen Action Still Looks Like the Best Part


Atlas Fallen is back after a break and ready to show more of what makes it unique before its launch this summer.

Atlas Fallen, the new game from The Surge’s Deck13, seems to have disappeared under the Radar for many. Given the appeal of the game, we thought it would be part of the big show at the Summer Game Fest, but it didn’t quite make a splash at the emergency E3.

The good news is that Deck13 has shown something new for all of us, eager to get our hands on the game: the most complete look at its structure, action, cooperation, etc.

Perhaps the most characteristic thing about Atlas Fallen – apart from its sand-covered world – is the action of the game. It all comes back to the glove that you acquire at the beginning of the game, and that changes things forever. The glove essentially makes you a super version of yourself. That’s what makes you explode and slide on the sand.

But the most interesting part is the way it enters the game’s weapons, which change their shape and function depending on what you want. The attacks can be customized with essence (acquired worldwide), where the depth of the play styles seems to be.

There is a special emphasis on the actions of major bosses against ghosts, which seem to have several phases of back and forth. It is possible to change the rhythm of the action, and it is certain that the greatest show will be the same.

As for exploration, a large part of the devastated world of Atlas Fallen is begging to be resurrected from the sand that covers them. You get the usual selection of things to find, like chests and upgrade materials, but there’s even more hidden under the sand, which adds an interesting twist.

Atlas Fallen is a game that we have been monitoring since last year’s Gamescom, where Dom was treated to a demo that convinced him of the concept. We only played it last March and Alex was fascinated by the influences of the game on Darksiders and Zelda, with a touch of soul action.

Atlas Fallen supports two-player Drop-In and Drop-Out cooperation and will be available on August 10 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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